Motion to Amend the Regional Alignment of the LPF

Mover: Josh Hlavka

I move to amend the regional alignment of the LPF, and reorganize in one of the following four formats presented.

Format 1: The “Even Split” Model – Counties are split as evenly as possible to create and maintain balance among regional representation.

Format 2: The “Geographically Aligned” Model – Counties are split by geographical relevance within the state of Florida.

Format 3: The “Area Balanced” Model – Counties split based on area covered in the state to balance regions as evenly as possible.

Format 4: The “Population Balance” Model – Counties split to evenly divide the population of Florida among the regions


The fourteen region composition of the LPF has not been successful in properly representing the counties in it’s current form. Many Regional Representative seats go unfilled at the ABM by the delegates during regional caucuses, and result in a number of seats routinely being filled by the LPF EC each year via appointment, some seats multiple times within the same term. These appointments are also routinely filled by LPF members who do not reside in the region that they represent, making fulfilling the duties of a Regional Representative difficult at times. With this regional amendment, the number of LPF regions would be reduced to eight, thus giving a better opportunity for Regional Representatives to be selected during regional caucuses at the ABM and those selected to the role success at fulfilling the duties of a Regional Representative. Offering multiple options to select allows the delegates of the LPF to avoid a “All or Nothing” situation and allow delegates to select a option that best suits the LPF, if any at all.

Full Motion w/ Graphic aids can be found here: