Motion to add a Article of Secession to the LPF Constitution

Mover: Josh Hlavka

I move to amend the LPF Constitution to include a Article for Affiliate Secession as Article X.

The Article of Secession would read as follows:

Article X Affiliate Secession

Section 1. As part of the convention agenda, each year at the LPF’s Annual Business Meeting (ABM) the final two items of business on the agenda before adjournment shall require that the presiding chair/officer take a vote of the delegation to both reaffirm and commit to being a state affiliate member of the national Libertarian Party (LNC), as well as reaffirm and commit to continue as a member of the Libertarian Party of Florida’s current respective LNC Representative Region at the time of the vote.
A. Voting for this item will be conducted by a balloted vote. Each delegate shall submit a ballot of either “YES” or “NO”, with a “NO” vote being in favor of the LPF disaffiliating from the body being voted upon. NOTA votes would be counted as expressed abstentions.
B. A vote of 9/10 of the entire delegation shall be required to disaffiliate from the LNC as a state affiliate member. A vote of ¾ of the entire delegation shall be required to disaffiliate from the LPF’s respective LNC Representative Region.”

Section 2. Any LPF Executive Committee member may also introduce a motion to disaffiliate from either the LNC or the LPF’s Representative Region, with proper notice, during any regular LPF business meeting.
A. A roll call vote shall be utilized during disaffiliation votes at regular business meetings.
B. A 7/8 vote of the LPF’s Executive Committee shall be required to pass a disaffiliation motion during a normal business meeting. Should the Executive Committee pass a disaffiliation motion, a subsequent ¾ vote of the active LPF County Affiliates at the time of the vote shall be required for the motion to take effect.

As the “FLExit or Die” state, the LPF needs to have a functional process for secession and disaffiliation from both the LNC Region, as well as the Libertarian Party itself, if the membership deems it so necessary. This amendment would create a formal process for the LPF, and its members, to take in the case that disaffiliation would be deemed necessary, as there currently is not a process for this on record. Considering the monumental organizational change that comes with disaffiliation, the bar for it is set purposefully high, as to ensure that, by and large, this decision would be a true reflection of the LPF member’s stance on their want to associate with the LNC and the LP National Party.

Motion with Full Edits: